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E-cigarettes have come as a boon to many smokers. They are sleek, stylish and much safer than regular cigarettes. Off late a lot of companies have come up with the manufacture of these sparklers. Amongst them, Apollo E-cigs stand out for their quality, finesse and customer satisfaction.


These e-cigs are quite simple to use. All you need to do is screw the cartomizer into the slot given in the battery and you can immediately start puffing away! There are options for making use of automated batteries; in this case you should just inhale to start off your e-smoking. With the manual type of batteries, you should operate a button present in order to produce the satisfying vapor. The stylish LED light placed right at the tip of the Apollo e-cig will begin to flash indicating low power. You have to then recharge it or replace the battery. Another indication of low battery power is that the characteristic flavor of the cartomizer will gradually fade away. Any user can feel it. Many users recommend others to take long puffs at a time and then stop as soon as you are satisfied.

Apollo eCigsThese cigarettes have proven to be safe. In fact many times safer than traditional cigarettes. In Apollo e-cigs, there are no carcinogens, toxins, particulates or any other type of dangerous chemical substances present. The vapor and the liquid are both equally safe. The common ingredients present in the preparation of the vaporizing liquid have been approved for intake as food for years. You need to remember that nicotine can still be very much addictive but experts opine that e-cigs are the best alternative to smoking. If you want to stay clear of nicotine and still enjoy e-smoking, you can still do it. The pleasure is all yours without any danger. You can use the zero nicotine cartomizer and start puffing away the flavor of your choice. The available flavors include menthol, vanilla, cherry, coffee and the all time favorite – tobacco. Some people may argue that there is no long term research done on these electronic cigarettes. The best you could give them is that it is a safer alternative if not the safest! It is wise to cause lesser harm to your body than go on wrecking it with the dangerous regular cigarettes. Further these cigs do not produce any kind of ash or ember. These cannot start off a fire like their traditional counterparts. No secondhand smoke or passive smoking. The vapor you puff will dissipate quickly. Even the smell will remain only for a brief period and can hardly be detected. Now you can puff all you want in offices, client meetings, hospitals, parks, restaurants and any other place where traditional smoking is banned.

apollo batteries-and-chargersSome smokers may feel that it is an expensive option and is suited only for the elite class. They got it wrong again. When you consider the overall cost of traditional cigarettes and e-cigs over a period of one month, you can be assured of a savings equal to 65%. The price of regular cigarettes is on a constant rise. E-cigs are a long term investment and will surely prove to be cheaper. You only need to spend some money to refill the cartomizer once it is over. This too can be saved if you learn to do the job yourself. It is simple and can be learnt if you carefully watch the procedure being done by an expert. For people who are trying to quit smoking, these are the best options too.

There have been different methods tried by people to give up cigarettes. These include nicotine patches, gums and what not. However most of them have encountered failure, simply because they do not satisfy the basic urge of the smoker. Every smoker wants the feeling of a cigarette in his/her hand and the joy of puffing. In fact if these aspects were not present, there would be far less number of smokers in the world today. Nicotine patches or gums do not replicate the traditional feel. Loss of smell and taste is something very common among smokers. Due to the repeated exposure to toxic smoke, they slowly affect these important bodily faculties adversely. In a study conducted amongst chain smokers who were asked to smoke only e-cigs for a specified period of time. The results were great. After the first two weeks into e-smoking, the smokers began to feel their sense of taste and smell coming back to normal. All of them were pleasantly surprised and began to spread the benefits and safety of e-smoking.

apollo-e-cigApollo e-cigs offers various levels of nicotine strengths to enable you to quit the traditional cigarette effectively and comfortably. Each of these corresponds with different levels of regular cigarettes. The extra high type (nicotine levels equivalent to 24 mg) is similar to unfiltered cigarettes. People who are addicted to high levels can choose this. The next available nicotine level is 16 mg. It is similar to the regular cigarettes that are full-flavored. The medium variety has about 12 mg of nicotine. The lower types are found with 8mg of nicotine. These are the ultra-light varieties. Then finally there is the zero nicotine variety – the best choice to say a final goodbye to nicotine. The main concern of most smokers is their inability to smoke at home; especially with small toddlers and kids around. They feel guilty of exposing the little ones to passive smoke. With Apollo e-cigs, you can now smoke guilt free as there is zero secondhand smoke. Now you need not have your room smelling like a tobacco warehouse. There are different kits offered by Apollo, simply choose the one to suit your specific smoking needs. One year warranty is offered by Apollo for all the hardware. In case you are not satisfied with the order, they further offer you a one month money back guarantee. Ditch that regular cigarette and give your lungs a breather – switch over to Apollo e-cigs today.

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