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Authentic reviews on south beach smoke electronic cigarettes would help you choose the most suitable product.


Are you thinking of switching to electronic cigarettes? Is smoking regular cigarette affecting your health? Are you wondering whether purchasing a kit of South Beach Smoke electronic cigarette would be the right choice? Then some authentic reviews on this product would help you take a right decision.

1. Battery life and accessories features (Rating 4 / 5)

sbs_deluxe_starter_kitThe kit comes with a SuperMax battery and the device size is made small to enhance the portability facility. This new line of battery has a longer lasting power for the electronic cartridges. In comparison to the over hyped batteries sold by other e cig companies, SuperMax delivers exactly what is claimed in the advertisements. For the long lasting battery power, South Beach Smoke Company has got the highest ratings. While the batteries of other e cig companies are capable of offering you more or less hundred puffs, with the SuperMax battery offered by the South Beach Smoke company, you can enjoy nearly 300 puffs. With the first charge and further one recharge, you can even get 500 to 600 puffs.

The electronic cigarettes of this company are built using mainly two popular standards – V9 and U9. These are also known as KR808D-1 and 2. However, technically this term is not proper. The Deluxe model comes with a wide variety of specifications. The company continuously upgrades the features, say for example – smooth handling, better flavors, thicker vapor, satisfying throat hit, attractive accessories, and so on. It has introduced a jeweled LED craved on a smooth back, which has caught attention of many e cig users. This remarkable feature alone has increased the sale of south beach smoke electronic cigarette and taken it to a top level.

sbs batteriesThe company has also introduced a manual switch battery in the e cig kit. This has made the kit unique and exciting. The manual battery introduced gives the users a feel of connection between the e cig in the hand and the vapor. It gives just the same feeling as lighting a regular cigarette with the help of a gas lighter. Apart from that, in the manual battery you can adjust the pre-heat and thus get the vapor as thick as you want. The Deluxe kit model also comes with latest enhanced accessories, which has increased the popularity of the brand even further.

 2. Price of the kit (Rating 4.5 / 5)

sbsThe simple Premium Starter kit of the South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette Company comes at unbelievably low price. No other electronic cigarette company can offer an elegant kit like this at such low cost. The Deluxe KStarter Kit is also offered at competitive price. The refill cartridges are also prices on a range of 11 types. The Deluxe kits are available in three different models, the Deluxe Ultimate, Deluxe Plus, and the Standard Deluxe. The high capacity SuperMax batteries are offered with each model and are also priced at affordable rate. The company also offers a home delivery program for the cartridges. This ensures that you have a good stock of cartridges in your home. Contrary to other companies, you do not have to sign up for any program to receive the monthly shipment or enjoy other facilities.

 3. Introduction of PPC (Rating 5 / 5)

South Beach Smoke E Cig Company has introduced Portable Charging Case, or in short PPC. This feature has taken the popularity of the company to a new level. Though some other companies also have a portable charging case facility, the unique and exclusive feature of South Beach Smoke is the best. You can always be assured of a charged cigarette in your pocket.

 4. Cartomizers (Rating 4 / 5)

This is one of the latest awesome features introduced by the South Beach Smoke company. Earlier the cartomizers of this company used to come with a plastic, solid top. However, now the company has replaced the plastic top with a rubber seal. This soft seal feels nicer in the mouth and can be easily swapped in to desired e liquid. The cartomizer cap is also easily replaceable and can be disposed after three to four refills. If you continue using it after four refills, the vapor quality would decrease. You should also take care not to overfill the e liquid. You should also detach the cartomizer from the battery during refill. If at the time of refilling, the liquid touches the automatic battery then it can cause harm by ruining the battery completely. This is not applicable for the manual battery. If the automatic battery is ruined you cannot replace or repair it free of cost, as the company’s limited warranty will not cover that. However, before attempting to refill, you should at first use the SBS cartomizers fully. If you want to get a taste of optimal flavor, it would be better to use a flavor that completely matches with that of the cartomizer. As the South Beach Smoke e cig company offers you a wide range of flavors, you will not have any difficulty in selecting one as per your desire.

 5. Overall Review (4.5 / 5)


Comparing each and every feature of the South Beach Smoke electronic cigarette, it can be concluded that this brand has increased popularity because of the super powerful battery and unbelievably low price. These two exclusive features have made the company one of the top brands in the market. Furthermore, you are getting thick, long lasting puff, with cartridges that look classy and stylish. You can choose between black and white colored models. Moreover, the trendy portable charger case has also helped to increase the demand. Some of the flavors offered are – Tobacco Blue, Vanilla, Tobacco Classic, Pina Colada, Menthol, Peppermint, Tobacco Gold, Cherry, Chocolate, and Peach. The company has introduced 24MG cartridges and different flavored juice. The level of liquid nicotine is also higher. The nicotine levels offered are 0MG, 6MG, 16MG, and 24 MG. So right from an occasional smoker to a heavy one, everybody can enjoy the puff as per his choice. This has made the brand an ultimate choice for electronic cigarette smokers.

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