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The V2 Cigarettes are very popular for their unique blend of flavored cartridges. They have some wonderful tobacco flavors. These are available in different strengths. You can opt for zero nicotine flavored also.


The electronic cigarettes are also called as an e-cigarette or e-cig. The V2 cig uses a device that heats liquid having nicotine for producing vapor. The vapor is later inhaled by a user which acts like a nicotine-delivering system. An e-cig enthusiast will enjoy this kind of “smoking”. He need not fear the tar, combustion, ash or odor of the traditional tobacco cigarette. V2 Cig is famous for getting the best e-cigarette review within the industry. It provides a dedicated clientele a product that has good performance with the topmost throat-hit compared to any brand in the market. V2 Cig starter kit has everything you require to get started utilizing an e-cigarette.

A Look at V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs Ultimate KitYou can select either a manual e-cig or an automatic e-cig battery. Pair it along with some cartridge having the flavor of your liking to get going. When you choose the best e-cigarettes starter kit, it makes the switch over process to electronic cigarette very easy. V2 standard E-Cigarette starter kit has an automatic e-cigarette battery as well as a manual battery, ten flavors of e-liquid cartridge and also a USB e-cig charger along with a wall adapter. You can save funds with V2 Cigarettes economy e-Cigarettes starter kit or you can stock up all your electronic cigarettes’ supplies using the V2 Cig ultimate starter kit.

V2-Cigs-batteries-colors-white-black-stainless-steel-metalic-blueThe V2 electronic cigarettes are made up of one battery, an atomizer and a flavored cartridge. The battery that is present within the body of this e-cig unit is responsible for powering this atomizer. The e-cig batteries are available in either manual or automatic models, depending upon your preferred choice of electronic cigarettes. The automatic e-cig battery is powered while you puff them. The manual e-cig battery is triggered with a button situated at side of its body. Their battery powers an atomizer. This in turn will heat the e-liquid present within the flavored cartridge and turns them into vapor.

A Smart Package

V2 Cigs accessoriesV2 Cig electronic cigarette is very user-friendly. It is a two-pieced design. In this, an atomizer is present in the flavored cartridge. They can be availed in four different strengths. They are full (18), light (6), medium (12), and zero nicotine content. If you are keen to adjust your nicotine consumption or are satisfied with cigarette having a particular strength, the flavored cartridges makes finding what is suitable for you very easy. The e-liquid flavored cartridges are available in ten varying varieties.  There are primarily three tobacco flavors namely Red, Sahara and Congress. Red flavor captures the aroma of local tobacco blends.

V2 Red happens to be classic American blended tobacco. It is a Virginia flavored tobacco, having a taste of sweetness. Its bold flavor happens to be top seller. Red cartridge can be availed in 4 strengths namely full (18), light (6), med (12), Zero (0). They can be seen in patriotic shades of red. V2 Congress is a tobacco having distinction. This recipe of Congress flavored cartridges has a refined, smooth tobacco taste. The V2 Cigarettes Congress e-liquid depicts the flavors of refined America tobacco. The flavor notes begin with light flavored American tobacco that ends with a smooth finish.

Congress cartridge is available in 4 strengths namely full (18), light (6), med (12), Zero (0). They are shipped in shades of classic blue. The Sahara e-liquid has the spicy taste of Middle East tobacco. V2 Sahara happens to be a rich middle-east tobacco blend. You can have with one smoke of Sahara to experience its rich tobacco overtone. Sahara cartridge is available in 4 strengths namely full (18), light (6), med (12), Zero (0). It is wrapped using pleasing shades of desert tans. There are also other wonderful e-liquid flavors. The V2 flavored cartridge has premium E-liquids and also V2 disposable.

v2 flavorsThe V2 Cigs provides a blend of 12 delicious flavors of vapor to opt from. These include Menthol, Mint Tea, Peppermint, Vanilla, Coffee, Cola and Chocolate, Cherry. They are renowned for their proprietary E-Liquid formula that is only available to the V2 Cig smokers. You can find out the flavor which best fits you. The V2 Tobacco disposable is a wonderful Tobacco mix created using a totally new flavor of Tobacco profile that is only available within the V2 Disposables. This American blend is the most enjoyable mix yet, having satisfying and perfect cigarette flavor. It is available as full (18) or light (6) strength.

300x250_V2-Cigs-electronic-cigarettes-01The menthol and mint flavor is refreshing and cool. The V2 Menthol happens to be a very popular flavor. Non-menthol smoker will also like its crisp flavored formula. It seems like exhaling some mint-fresh TicTac. The V2 Menthol cartridge is sold as 4 strengths namely full (18), light (6), med (12), Zero (0). It comes in green color. The V2 Peppermint flavored cartridge is absolutely scrumptious. Sugar and peppermint is swirled together and has spearmint touch. This flavor also has good following. Peppermint cartridge can be availed as 4 strengths namely full (18), light (6), med (12), Zero (0). The V2 Peppermint cartridge is emerald green in color.


V2 cig mint Tea bursts with refreshing minty flavor along with the soothing, smooth property of green tea. You may get this in four kinds of nicotine strengths namely full (18), light (6), Zero (0) and medium (12). The V2 Mint Tea has a spring green colored cartridge. This flavor is a big hit. Hence, they have added this to their permanent flavored selection. The V2 Menthol disposable fresh Mint is a new formula of menthol created only for V2 Disposables. This flavor of menthol profile is refreshing and light, close to a real menthol cigarette. It can be got in light (6) and full (18) strengths.

V2 Cigs Vanilla flavor is rich, sweet and smooth. This is the most popular in specialty flavors. Vanilla cartridge is available as 4 strengths like full (18), light (6), Zero (0) and medium (12). It has a vanilla bean colored cartridge. The V2 cig Coffee flavor is a rich blend of Columbian having a hint of sugar or cream. If you enjoy a nice drink of coffee, definitely you will enjoy this coffee flavor. Coffee cartridge is available as 4 strengths such as full (18), light (6), Zero (0) and medium (12). The colors of this coffee have a dash of milk.

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